90-Day Mastermind for High Achievers

Are you ready to Look, Feel, & Live life as your most ELITE self?

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If you're a high-end achiever ready to CLAIM your Elite self... this is for you.

What would it be like to wake up every morning with a plan you can truly execute without feeling burned out by the end of the month?

What if you could stop doing all the things and start doing all the RIGHT things that give you life instead of sucking it away? That's the key.

Becoming ELITE isn't just about simply pushing harder and harder.

No one can sustain that... no matter how much leaning in you do. Instead... let's do less but accomplish more.

Take the leap to the next level withOUT sacrificing who you are, your personal life, your family, and the things that light you up.

Mastermind Elite Alum, Gabbie Firrello:


I'm Tanya.

I spent the last 18 years researching, training, testing, and seeing results for myself and my 6, 7, and 8-figure clients.

I've created a proprietary 3-Phase Process to help you Look, Feel, & Show Up On Purpose every single day. You deserve to level up to your most Elite self, and I have the Framework to take you there.

There are no shortcuts to greatness, but there is path to get there. And you are already on that path.

Most people get so comfortable with being good they never experience great. But just the fact that you're still reading means you aren't ok with comfortable and aren't willing to settle for OK.

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Let me introduce you to the Mastermind Elite.

A world-class program that covers it all for powerhouse entrepreneurs.

After seeing years of massive results from my 1-on-1 clients, I developed a 3-month intimate group training program... ...where I can continue a hands-on approach to teaching with more high achievers who are hungry for more.

Over 3 months we create sustainable systems in your life that ensure you OPERATE AT PEAK PERFORMANCE NO MATTER WHAT LIFE THROWS AT YOU.


What others are saying about Mastermind Elite

Caitlin Flynn.png

"Working with Tanya was one of the best decisions I made."

By working with Tanya I was able to get unstuck.

By working with her I was able to accomplish a lot things I had on my vision board... Working with Tanya was one of the best decisions I made, and it's really setting me up for success this year. 

-Caitlin Flynn

Chris Munguia.JPEG

"I am ready to become the leader I was meant to be!"

I had a ton of distractions and blocks, that weren't allow to excel and move forward in life.

I started having some serious breakthroughs when I was able to identify my distractions.

The mindset work and exercises from Tanya allowed me to start taking action and fixing the root of my problems.

With the knowledge I've gained I am ready to become the leader I was meant to be!

-Chris Mungia

Stephanie Rivas 2.jpeg

"I would have not been able to see progress without the help of Tanya."

Showing up as a mom, wife, and businessn owner has been immensely stressful. My business was inconsistent, because I was not showing up for myself.

I would have not been able to see progress without the help of Tanya. She  has provided me the proper tools I need to take control and execute. 

Now, I implement the exercises she provides, as I become the best version of ME.

-Stephanie Rivas

Mastermind Elite Alum, Marilyn Goss:

Mastermind Elite Alum, Eric Bryant:


Mastermind Elite

This is where the magic starts to happen. My one-of-a-kind playbook strategically outlined in three plug-and-play phases. These are designed to be customizable to YOUR life and YOUR goals, which is why it literally works for EVERYONE. (yes even you.)

  • Two recorded coaching sessions per week via Zoom with personal support from me.
  • ​Private access to me 7 days a week for the duration of the 90 days.
  • ​Work with like-mined achievers who will push and hold you accountable ​Access to all my current courses available in the Inner Circle Membership site.


Building Daily Structure, Habits & Routines that support your growth

  • Developing a Clear Game Plan by Setting INTRINSIC GOALS. ​
  • ​Identifying where you want to be and how to get you there, teaching you how to make daily progress. ​
  • ​Setting, Achieving & Surpassing Long Term Goals (& how to overcome the blocks, limits and self sabotage). ​
  • ​Strategic plan of action to instill desired habits and behaviors including morning and night routines, eating + exercise habits. ​
  • ​Creating accountability for yourself.


MindSET Reprogramming: Life Skills, Coping Skills & Tool Boxes.

  • Developing Life Skills & Coping Skills – overcoming self-sabotage, trauma and emotional block. ​
  • ​Learn how to Efficiently Re-Set -> Re-Charge -> Re-Fuel so you’re capable of operating at Peak Performance at all times. ​
  • ​Time Auditing: Creating a Productivity Schedule vs. Busy Schedule.


Establishing the Forward Movement Mindset

  • Identifying the 5 Obstacles that Keep You From Reaching Higher Levels. ​
  • ​Identifying Subconscious Fears & Limitations around Each Category in Your Life Box.
  • ​Learn to realign your energy so that you can operate at higher levels of consciousness.
  • ​ ​Building Intentions that support your LifeGOALS. ​EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique for Busting Thru Mental & Emotional Blocks.

This program is 18 years in the making...

This isn't the same old tips and hacks...

This IS about gaining a deep understanding of how to create sustainable change in your life.

You CAN create a NEW NORMAL now for yourself to Operate at Peak Performance.

You CAN break through your plateaus to skyrocket to success.

You CAN do it all while ENJOYING the process.

Are you ready to be another high-powered success story?

Do you want to keep feeling overwhelmed by your BIG goals... ...or are you ready to hit those goals day after day, month after month, without sacrificing your self, life, and family to do it?

The days of going it alone are over.
Blow through your old limits and become the ELITE future self that is waiting.  (Availability is limited.)